We believe Ginger is quite exceptional. And so we decided to sell all of our fabrics at the same price. No complicated pricing schemes; just choose your favourite fabric without any budget stress. In addition we have done our utmost to match the colours of each fabric group with those of our other fabric groups. So you can order the same seating elements or dining chairs with different fabrics but in the same colours, to create a unified interior. Tone on tone, new style, as it were. Ginger embraces today's trends and fashion, but when it comes to our fabrics we put our own taste and styles first. We choose our own textures, patterns and colours carefully, so our valued customers (you!) are not swamped with offers, but can choose from the right fabrics and matching colours from the get-go. After all, it's the fabrics that make our furniture so very Ginger. You’ll come home with a smile!

Fabric: Beetroot

The classic birds-eye weave has been fashionable in Europe for centuries. It's orginally from Asia. The diamond-shaped lozenge pattern resembles the eyes of birds, hence the name. This fabric gives your seating furniture a very luxury and exceptional feel. It looks expensive, and since all of Ginger's fabrics are the same price, Beetroot is an excellent choice! The colourful mix of materials, such as viscose, linen, cotton, and polyester, make this a very strong fabric with a light, satin-like gloss.
Beetroot 19313 Gold
Beetroot 19316 Pink
Beetroot 19317 Black
Beetroot 19319 Grey
Beetroot 19329 Petrol
Beetroot 19353 Red
Beetroot 19356 Brick

Fabric: Chili

Chili is a duvet-like fabric, specially designed by us. It's padded, made from cotton and polyester, with small white, black or grey stiched-in stripes, depending on the backing material. The soft effect and graphic stitches make this futon-like fabric the perfect match for straight, upholstered seating furniture. Enjoy a soft seat and design feel. We think Chili is just perfect and the most striking choice in our fabric collection.
Chili 0089 Sand
Chili 0485 Taupe
Chili 0927 Antracite
Chili 2004 Orange
Chili 7744 Medium grey

Fabric: Clove

A timeless choice, Clove is a canvas-like fabric, matt and cottony to the touch. This fabric is tough and sturdy, the special effect of a combination of 10% cotton and 90% polyester. Pressed and starched by a pro, it seems, like a smart shirt or fine 'chino' pants straight from the dry-cleaner’s. Clove is a basic fabric that does not demand too much attention. It makes any seating furniture smile subtly.
Clove 10 Navy
Clove 15 Light brown
Clove 45 Grey
Clove 120 Light grey
Clove 430 Bamboo
Clove 751 Olive
Clove 760 Graphite

Fabric: Cordial

Cordial is our strong cotton-polyester blend. It's friends with everyone and matches any taste and living-room. A good reason for us to pick out lots of colours to meet anyone's choice. We added a subtle washed-out effect for a tougher look. Ginger loves it. Some of the colours are close-related, so you can, for example, use different covers on 6 dining chairs to create a very surprising combination within the same colour palette.
Cordial 1 Taupe
Cordial 3 Dune
Cordial 11 Earth
Cordial 12 Brown
Cordial 13 Olive
Cordial 14 Pewter
Cordial 17 Black
Cordial 34 Dove
Cordial 84 Java
Cordial 400 Okora
Cordial 606 Navy
Cordial 702 Mauve
Cordial 804 Grey
Cordial 806 Stone
Cordial 900 Cream
Cordial 901 Beige

Fabric: Curry

Curry is one of our favourite fabrics. Use it on any seating furniture to give it that bit of extra. Mediterranean refinement, a sense of freedom, pure materials, and very tactile, cuddly characteristics. We went all out with Curry and offer you a large selection of colours, all very tasteful. A lot of linen and a bit of cotton in a viscose basis bring out Curry's 'joie de vivre'. Just what your living room needs.
Curry 04 Sand
Curry 10 Navy
Curry 12 Carmel
Curry 20 Silvercream
Curry 44 Steel
Curry 45 Grey
Curry 46 Anthraciet
Curry 120 Light grey
Curry 516 Charcoal
Curry 710 Taupe
Curry 751 Olive
Curry 757 Kahki
Curry 1670 Rosewood

Fabric: Gin

Gin is our strong, woven fabric: a smart combination of synthetic and natural materials. This linen and wool combo creates vivid colours, and the somewhat irregular, but flat weave texture makes Gin a fabric that can take a stain or two without anyone noticing. It is slightly stone-washed, to give it that extra tough look. With Gin your seating furniture radiates a subtle retro look.
Gin 10 Navy
Gin 45 grey
Gin 46 Anthraciet
Gin 120 Light grey
Gin 516 Charcoal
Gin 710 Taupe
Gin 751 Olive
Gin 1670 Rosewood

Fabric: Tea

Are you in love with velvet, but afraid it might be a hassle on your seating furniture? Go for our extremely strong, lightfast, and carefree Tea fabric. Tea is cut short, but just long enough for you to draw on it with your fingers. Tea has it all. 100% polyester ensures deep, lush colours that stay. Our colour palette is on point, and matches your fashionable interior.
Tea 04 Sand
Tea 27 Gras
Tea 44 Steel
Tea 425 Mint
Tea 520 Mustard
Tea 707 Petrol
Tea 710 Mouse grey
Tea 1670 Rosewood
Tea 1680 Nude