Spicy Dutch furniture

When Dutch tradition met Mediterranean flair, it was love at first sight. Two worlds collided and home and living brand Ginger was born: quality furniture with spicy choices, for every interior. Different, with new perspectives. Not too serious, but fun and cool. No fad, but a fashionable companion for life. Relaunched designs, new materials, accessories, fabrics and lamps, hand-picked with care. Ginger’s steadily growing collection of seating furniture, tables, lights, rugs, and cushions are pure craftsmanship. Ginger is the exception to the rule. Ginger is the radiant smile that magically appears on your face, every time you get home.

Jansen & Jaski designers

They have been admiring each other’s careers from a distance for years. They exchanged many hellos in the streets of their hometown Bergen until one day they decided to meet up. Everything fell into place. They have the same taste, the same interests and the same ideas about furniture. Ginger combines Mike’s bold approach and Marita’s refined sense of styling. Lex and Sylwia, the successful couple behind Ginger’s mother company, offered them the space they needed to develop this new brand that truly reflects the synergy between man and woman, north and south, bold and stylish!

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